False Light Programs and Twin Flames

As we de-throne the guru and reveal the spiritual narcissist, we are shining the light of truth on many of the false light programs that are keeping many people feeling stuck or disempowered. 

Twin Flames, of course, is a community and concept that hits home on a deep level. I have personally navigated the heavy seas of false light programming on the Twin Flame journey, felt disempowered, stuck, and confused on why I felt like I was going around in a loop! 

As someone who resonates with New Earth over New Age, it’s important to me to be able to rattle the cages of old belief structures that are siphoning energy from the collective and masking themselves as “love and light”. Each and every person is sovereign, and we have the right to follow our own inner truth and light.

Many false light programs go against cosmic law and break the rules around our soul sovereignty. The programs create false ascension traps and work in a manner that keeps people trapped or locked into loops or cycles. 

For those who are new to the concept and conversation around false light programs:

False Light Programs create an etheric connection and cording to the False Light Matrix grid through different belief systems, ideologies, practices that keep people distracted, disempowered, disconnected to their own sovereignty. False Light Programs have been created to create a fear frequency as well as feed lower vibrational entities and beings off the fear that is manifested through the different programs. Individuals end up feeling like they are in a loop or being recycled through different patterns and cycles. These programs were developed by alien technology to maintain a constant food source through lower vibrational energies. 

As scary as it sounds, you are not trapped in the False Light Program or Matrix forever. At some point or another, most, if not all, people have fallen into trapping systems within the False Light Matrix. 

Through the development of spiritual discernment, participating in your inner work and processing, owning your inner truth, and learning to listen to your inner voice, you step back into your power and sovereignty consciousness and step out of any false light programming that may have kept you feeling belittled or stuck.

Examples of False Light Programs

There are a multitude of different examples of false light programs, but I wanted to discuss three main programs or trapping systems that I feel are prevalent within the spiritual/New Age/religious communities.

Diverting Individuals From Taking Action

This process of diversion from taking action works through the manipulation of the feminine energy and the disempowerment of the masculine energy within an individual. As many know, the feminine energy is the creative life force, the manifesting energy, and the energy that is connected to the spiritual and inner realms. The masculine energy is connected to doing, taking action, and taking ideas and initiating action into the physical world. 

Diversion from taking action belittles both the masculine and feminine energy within us by disconnecting the power that flows out when both the masculine and feminine energies within us work together in unison. 

One way we have been diverted from taking action is through the Just Surrender Movement. Granted, I have been stuck in this trapping system before and I know firsthand how stagnant I felt in this programming. The Just Surrender Movement has misconstrued a concept and kept many individuals in a stuck, holding pattern.

Just Surrender has created this belief system that by doing nothing at all, things will get done. There is this false belief that someone or something will swoop in and save us from doing the work

The issue with this old paradigm is that it allows us to bypass the work and the responsibility by waiting on someone to return so that we can be saved. It feeds off old belief structures and generational wounds tied to the wounded feminine – if I wait, someone will save me.

But if we never initiate action, if we sit around and dream, and if we believe that we are in the way of The Divine Plan and we need to sit down and wait for something to happen, we will be left waiting. Nothing will be fully created. We will just feel trapped in our circumstances and life.

Doing the work, the inner processing, and finding our inner power is our divine birthright. It seems easier to wait around for someone, something, or an event to save us. But we are left on the edge of our seats, or like a puppy dog looking out the window, waiting for something outside of ourselves to give us power. 

No one and nothing is set in stone, no one can intervene without our consent, and we cannot divert from the inner work and expect to be set free.

Doing the work isn’t a magic spell or quick-fix. We cannot write a million release lists, ask for a divine savior to make all our problems or challenges go away, and bypass our old belief systems and subconscious programs. 

We have to become the introspective investigator so we can examine our old programs, old templates, what we have consented to (in this lifetime or another), the old belief systems we have created or adopted, and question them. What is true to you? What do you consent to? What do you need to transmute from your energetic field and programming?

It is not the easiest path, but doing the inner work is severely empowering. You become a master of your mind and learn how to discern the thoughts, patterns, and beliefs of others as well. You create energetic protection through your own, sharpened discernment and sovereignty. 

Keeping People Distracted from Their Inner Truth and Their True Self

We are a nation of distracted individuals. At this point in history, we are the most connected and disconnected individuals ever. At the click of a button, we are connected to millions and billions around the world. But we are so disconnected from ourselves and our present moment in our lives – more so than ever!

Distraction is a technique that allows the infiltration of power figures to gain dominion over individuals by disconnecting them from themselves. If you have people constantly seeking outside for answers, magic spells, and validation – you become the god and the higher voice over people.

False Light Programs and Matrices keep individuals locked into fear frequencies and lower 4D grid systems through distraction. Instead of encouraging others to connect to their own, internal truth, they are fed or sold the truths outside of themselves – no matter if these truths are true or not.

These distractions become a dependency and feed into the narcissistic-empathic connection, although not all of the gurus, teachers, or healers are consciously aware of the implants within them that are creating this narcissistic control mechanism. 

Forms of distractions or dependency traps can show up as someone saying that they are the only one who can help you or save you, that their truth is the only truth, that you need to seek them for answers or guidance, and that  you have to give them money to reach your desired outcome or goal. 

Every single person is sovereign and fully capable of clearing their energetic field of old beliefs and programs, receiving inner guidance, unlocking their spiritual gifts, and being a direct channel to God/Source. You do not need someone to do the work that you are designed to do on your own, for free.

Is it helpful to work with a mentor, coach, therapist, or healer as you are processing internal programs and beliefs? Absolutely! A third-party, neutral guide can help you locate your blind spots and move through your inner processing quicker. But it is not necessary.

We must question the intention behind what people are selling us or distracting us with. If they are the only way out, and we are being asked to focus on them to reach our salvation, it’s worth taking into question their motives. 

Keeping People on Healing Loops and On False Ascension Paths

One of the most prevalent forms of False Light Programming is through healing loops and False Ascension Paths. I have conversed with so many individuals who feel like they keep healing the same wounds repeatedly and that they feel stagnant.

Or, there are individuals who feel like they have done all the work they need to do, and that they are like an ascended master who has ascended from all the old paradigms and beliefs. But the moment something cataclysmic happens, they are back at square one. 

False Healing Loops and Ascension Paths create an illusion that we have done the work or inner processing. But at the end of the day, the old programs and templates are still running the show within the subconscious mind. There is still an etheric attachment to the Lower 4D Grid System. 

Individuals end up in this addictive patterning of constantly healing patterns or programs that they have already transmuted and cleared. They feel like they need to constantly heal themselves, their loved ones, and the Collective. So, they get trapped in this process of wound and trauma recycling

Wound and Trauma Recycling can be equated to the reincarnation of old wounds, traumas, and programs. We keep running old programs and templates repeatedly, and we feel drained from all the purging and healing work. We stay in a pattern of addiction with the pain and the drama of old wounds, beliefs, fears, and traumas. We end up retraumatizing ourselves

Instead of bypassing the work, we become addicted to “the work”. We get trapped in this mindset that we are not ascending unless we are in constant chaos, drama, or upheaval. We become so fixated on becoming better and “enough” that we get caught in a looping cycle of crisis.

We may even become so addicted to healing that we are constantly confronting people in our lives, trying to heal or cut cords with people in our lives, and feeling like we need to fix everyone around us as well as ourselves. Why? Because we are stuck in a holding pattern that something isn’t right and I need to fix it to make it better and to be more than I am right now.

Healing loops equal “I am not good enough”. We feel validated within ourselves if we keep having breakthroughs after periods of chaos. We become addicted to the high of healed, and we keep going back for more.

Maybe, you’re already enough. Maybe, you are already healed and whole, Maybe, you are doing great and are perfect in this present moment. God isn’t broken and neither are you. Once you drop the shame, blame, guilt, and judgment, you make room to see that you are love.

Twin Flames and False Light Programs

If I had a dollar for every time I have felt caught up in or have witnessed false light programs within the twin flame community, I would be a bazillionaire!!! The False Light Programs are so skilled at using intimate connections outside of ourselves to create a fear frequency and keep individuals in holding patterns. 

Yes, I believe in the twin flame templates and divine union templates. I believe in the mission of twin flames. But I don’t buy into all the bullshit being fed and strewn across the internet and multiple social media outlets.

Treat everything you read about twin flames, every reading about twin flames, like an article on Wikipedia – anyone can come in and tweak something and take the whole conversation out of context.

Twin Flames, along with a multitude of other concepts, becomes like a game of telephone. By the time the concept has made it through multiple streams of consciousness, it has been distorted with different perceptions, experiences, and ideas. Concepts that are processed through the 4D Grids and the human mind are not constant and are ever-changing based off of interpretation. 

So many concepts, theories, conversations, and topics within the twin flame community work off of dependency traps, distraction, diversion, and the constant waiting game of someone save me

I have experienced so many people reaching out to me in utter chaos and panic because of the twin flame experience and false light programs. These individuals feel trapped, stuck, and are looking for any answer out there to make the pain stop.

What does the pain, the runner-chaser, and the stuck feeling come from? False Light Programming. You don’t have to live in utter hell and chaos because of any concept or experience. You can choose to break free and forge your own path by connecting to your inner truth and guidance. 

Mirror Exercise, or Spiritual Gaslighting??

I remember when I first learned about the mirror exercise. The mirror exercise is based on the idea that our entire external reality is merely a reflection of our inner world. That would validate the following:

Survivors of rape or molestation experienced rape or molestation because of something within them. 

Someone is gaslighting you or abusing you because some aspect of you is gaslighting yourself or abusing yourself.

If someone is ignoring you or rejecting you, it’s because you are ignoring and rejecting yourself.

The Mirror Exercise can be used in a healthy way. But it has been used as a form of spiritual gaslighting. It has become a tool to blame individuals for their external experiences and reality, as if they wouldn’t experience a broken reality if they weren’t so broken within

Can we use this activity to uncover subconscious programming? Sure. But for me, that would equate to seeing that, “Hey! I keep experiencing financial challenges and poverty!”, then using that to uncover possible scarcity or poverty consciousness so you can unplug from that belief program or templates. 

Or, someone may notice that they keep experiencing the tendency to run from a relationship once it gets to intimate, vulnerable, or serious. One could use the mirror exercise to see that maybe this is connected to inner child trauma or false beliefs around love and intimacy. That doesn’t mean this person is broken, there are just subconscious programs that need to be dismantled. 

Other False Light Programs Twins Face

Other traps or false programs are set to keep twin flames stuck, waiting, or on a holding pattern. We buy into the belief that abusive behavior is normal in the twin flame connection, and that we need to love and light the other person regardless.

Abuse is not normal in any connection, and it should not be tolerated as if it is just a cute little mannerism that you or another individual is expressing. If you are experiencing abusive (physical, emotional, psychological), you need to step into your power and set healthy boundaries for yourself. No one deserves to be treated in an abusive way.

Another false program is that a twin’s free will only goes so far. No Soul or Spiritual Being can manipulate or control the free will choices made by a human – that is a violation of sovereignty. If someone chooses to not do the work, be with someone, or participate in an experience, they have the right to say no.

If the physical twin chooses not to participate in the twin flame journey or ascension process, they can choose to opt out. Of course, this is where walk-in souls can occur, but I am not sure of the percentage of times that this happens. I just do not know enough to give you the facts.

Just surrendering and waiting on some divine intervention to give you what you want becomes a form of entrapment. You end up waiting and waiting for a miracle but never living your life, (and your life is the ultimate miracle). You literally miss the miracle by waiting on one.

Yes, divine interventions can happen where people experience a big shake up in their lives and experience a “coming to Jesus moment”. But that is, ultimately, the choice of the individual to make a shift or do the work. If they choose to go back to sleep, that’s their free will.

I do not save any of this to scare you or deter you from your twin flame template or mission. I say all of this to remind you of your life, your power, and your choices. You do not have to heal another or wait on another to heal or save you. You hold all the power within you to live a fulfilled, balanced, amazing life. You hold your divine union template within, and you get to choose to experience inner union whenever you want.

We need to break away from this constant obsession that someone or something outside of us is going to fix us and make us all better. We feel disempowered when we wait on the power outside of us to give us what we already have access to within. 

You don’t need someone to save you.

You don’t need someone to fix you.

You don’t need someone to make your decisions.

You don’t need someone before you can live your life.

You don’t need someone else to tell you what your truth is.

You aren’t broken.

You haven’t experienced pain because you are messed up inside.

You are whole.

You are sovereign.

You are an extension and co-creator with God. 

Please Share this with others in your life – your friends, partner, family, whomever. It’s time to unplug ourselves from False Light Programming. It’s time to cut off the food supply to the False Light Matrix. It’s time to reclaim our sovereignty and get off the treadmill of illusion. 

If you are ready to unplug from False Light Programs and Matrices, Let’s connect! I offer mentorship, guidance, and support through my Coaching and Inner Child Healing. My goal is to show you how powerful you are so you can feel empowered to clear old programs and initiate action in your life without the dependency on another. I am in the business of sovereignty. Click here for more.

Lots of Love,

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