Hot, Wet,Crazy, Walk-In Summers

Hello and welcome back, Tribe!

I have been MIA from my blog for a couple of months now. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with my blog, my mission, and everything lately.

It’s been a hot, crazy summer – to say the least! And the simplification within myself and my business and what my true calling is has been a long process of downsizing.

My own self-discoveries and reviews of my biggest soul lessons is culminating to show me the direction forward with regards to how to best serve you at this time – and who I am truly meant to serve at this time.

Discovering that a spiritual phenomena that I experienced in April 2015 was actually my walk-in experience has been confusing, jolting, and made me feel like a crazy person – but at the same time, it all resonated so deeply.

For those who are not familiar with the terminology and concept of a walk-in. This is a phenomena that occurs when our natal soul (the soul we are born with) has an agreement set up with another soul within it’s soul monad to facilitate and set up a soul switch.

A soul switch or reassignment can occur if the natal soul has fully completed it’s mission, or it no longer feels like it can fulfill it’s mission – and the walk-in comes in to continue fulfilling it’s mission or comes in to begin a new mission.

This is a deep subject that is both multi-faceted as well as multi-layered, so I will not jump into every aspect in this blog alone. Not trying to novel up during my first blog back!

Walk-ins are not possessions or negative entities. There is a agreement made prior to any incarnations, and the soul mission work is to help with planetary ascension and the elevation of the Collective Consciousness to a higher vibratory state.

My Walk-In Experience

On the night of April 7, 2015, I had hit a deep, dark place within myself. I remember feeling so stuck and stagnant that I didn’t even feel confident that I would be able to recover. I felt stuck in my relationship, stuck in my job, stuck in my finances, and I just wanted to not be here.

By no means was this experience a suicidal ideation or attempt. But there was definitely a sense of dissociating from this earthly experience. I remember feeling emotionally shot and between this world and somewhere else.

This was the night of my car accident, where I totalled my car after going down a 40-foot embankment. While recovering my vehicle, I remember the tow truck guy saying, “Damn girl, you should’ve been dead! How are you alive and without a scratch or brusie on ya?!” That’s how bad the accident was – I should have never walked away from it.

I have no clue what occurred during the five to ten minutes prior to my car accident, nor had I ever been to the location in which my accident occurred. Crazy thing is, I ended up taking out a One Way street sign as well! I was completely out of my body around the time of my accident!

The only recollection I have was feeling like there was chaos around me, screaming “Michael!”, and tossing my arm over this HUGE, blue-white light body in my car. I can even remember feeling this light body against my arm as if there was a human in the car with me. (Fun fact: This was the presence of Archangel Michael who appeared to facilitate the walk-in/walk-out process to ensure no interferences or entities stepped into my conscious-less body).

I have no clue how I escaped my car or ended up with zero bruises, zero scrapes, zero breaks, and almost clean clothes, (mind you, it was pouring the rain that night – hard!).

All I can recall is being in my body and wandering around in the darkness and downpouring rain, and also being above my body. I later have found out that our natal soul can hang around the auric field for years after a walk-in experience to help guide the walk-in soul. But I was definitely viewing myself from within and high above!

Integrating My Walk-In Soul

I honestly feel like my integration process over the past 4+ years has been the most challenging – even compared to the darkness my natal soul was going through before the walk-in experience.

I dealt with the deepest depression and anxiety ever since I have been integrating to earth and this life I walked into. I have felt like I’ve walked into a bit of a pickle, and I was handed over the tools to fix it – but no instructions or step-by-step guide.

By December 8 or 9 of 2016, I wanted to get out of here! That was the night that I hit my deepest pit within my dark night of the soul and I wanted to go home! Again, not a suicidal attempt or ideation – I just wanted to be beamed up already!

This Earth felt cold, dark, and the opposite of the love I have been accustomed to. It felt dissociated with it’s own truth, and that made me feel so dissociated with this planet. But this was the turning point.

Yes, my walk-in soul felt like, “This was it! I can just have another soul walk in right now!” But that is not what happened. What happened is, I started to receive the step-by-step guides!

It all started with a book, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, which taught me the power of the present (something I seemed to have forgottten amidst my descent into this earthly realm). And one by one, piece by piece, each day, month, and year has been another step forward.

Here I sit, during the last quarter of 2010’s decade and within the last quarter of 2019 and I feel almost fully integrated! Five years later! And this year has been the most pivotal because of the deep work with Quantum Inner Child Healing I have been doing, as well as some other quantum work.

How Does This Experience Relate to My Work?

Great question! My experience with my walk-in and integrating over the past 4+ years has been long, ardous, and I have felt like I have been doing a lot of work alone. I have experienced deep feelings of depression and anxiety (especially anxiety!) as I started to feel core wounds and trauma within my DNA from my natal soul.

Walk-ins come from galactic groups and the angelic realms where these feelings are not a conditioning. There is a different way of relating within these realms than there is on earth. So, dropping into this earthly realm and body feels restricting, stuck, and sticky. It feels like entrapment for some walk-ins who just want to raise the vibration of this body and planet!

My own experience with energetic clean up and doing the inner child/trauma/past-life work has been profound and powerful on my mindset, my sense of empowerment, my sovereignty, and my ability to move out of this parasympathetic state of constant fight or flight that this society has been trained to have as a baseline.

Walk-ins come in and are highly sensitive empaths, and not having the step-by-steps on how to unpack all these density can leave a walk-in feeling like this is mission impossible.

This is my first time sharing my walk-in experience because I wanted to fully understand it to the best of my abilities and figure out how to best serve the Collective in the process.

Being a walk-in who is also a twin flame who walked in is a whole other doozy! My experiences have taught me how to help Walk-ins gain their earth legs, how to navigate stepping into the Twin Flame Mission, how to move through dense energy (especially as a sensitive), and how to throw down the shackles of anxiety and depressive feelings.

If you have felt resonance with being a Walk-in before, you’re a twin flame, or you just want to unpack trauma that is creating a looping pattern of struggle and anxiety – let’s connect! I understand how intense it can be entering this realm and playing field. It’s intense! But not mission impossible.

I pray that this blog helped someone out there who may be struggling with a common thing that I have experienced.

You can email me at Don’t be fooled by love coach – I just love to coach! LOL!

Follow me on Instagram @taylorrinercoach or on Facebook at to connect as well.

Lots of Love to you!

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