Are They Running, or Not Resonating?

Ah, yes – the divine love journey. It can be sweet and bitter. It can be like a double-edged sword that nabs us from both ends. It’s not for the faint at heart, but it’s powerful enough to remind you of who the fuck you really are!

Being a twin flame has felt like the bane of my existence some days, but also a gift-giver of my truth and stepping stones of empowerment.

I’ve always felt like it was kind of a cosmic joke, that I was only let in on many years after the fact. Add in the hilarity of a tattooed quote that I have that reads, “A love so perfect, so beautiful, was the double-edged sword”, makes me wonder if I was getting that cosmic ‘heads up’ seven years before the BIG BANG!

But if this journey has taught me anything, it’s to be resilient, be vulnerable, and have a good laugh every once and a while! I’ve learned to see past my bullshit, his bullshit, and to see the truth of the matter – even when the Ego Mind is throwing a fit!

“Twin Flames” is a topic I have pulled back from, resisted, and avoided like the plague over the course of 2019. If you’ve noticed, I barely talk about it anymore because I simply wanted to give the topic a full-on eye roll after the past few years of being enthralled and feeling entrapped within the confines of this concept.

But here we are, talking about it again! Why, you may ask? Because my level of perception has completely shifted over the past year. I’ve deprogrammed so much of my own wounds and trauma, as well as redefined “twin flame” to be less of this false light program-riddled energy curse.

I see it through new eyes and from a new level of empowerment!

Every single, damn time that man has “ran”, I have always defaulted to finding my own faults. I would over-analyze every angle to try to find out why I was repelling him – like I was at-fault or to blame for his decisions.

The fact of the matter is that I have never and will never be responsible for his actions or emotions. Those belong to him, and I willingly revoke my own false belief that I am responsible for carrying him OR our connection up the mountain of spiritual ascension.

We, the bearers of conscious relationship templating for the new earth, have spent a fair amount of time wondering what we must have done to make the other person dissolve into the ethers after an intense, energetic (or sexual) explosion! “What is it about me that always drive them away?!”

We lose ourselves in our own wounds and trauma, replaying old stories and wondering why we are on a slippery slope every time the heat turns up between ourselves and our beloved!

Let me give you a paradoxical concept to ponder over instead – what if they weren’t running? What if your heightened vibratory state is pushing them out because they aren’t resonating with You?

Yep, I said it! Maybe, just maybe, something about your encounter with them created an increase in your energetic vibration and they aren’t currently matching you at the moment.

That shift in perspective has been a game changer for me as it has reflected back to me that I am whole, complete, and fine. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. If my vibration wasn’t of resonance with his, that’s okay. I’m only responsible for me in this equation.

We are reaching a new era, a new decade, and a new year – it’s time to shift our perceptions and the way we move within our divine partnerships. It’s time to replace the torch of blame with the empowering flames of our Phoenix-Rising.

If you’re a twin flame, or a whole-half of a divine partnership, you get it! It resonates! You can count the times that you felt like you were the driving force to make them leave (or run for the motherfucking hills) after spending an open-hearted amount of time with them.

You’ve probably felt like you were hitting a brick wall by stepping to them from a space of empowerment and integrity towards yourself to only be met with a big, old pile of Ego.

You’ve probably dropped your energetic vibration to meet them where they were at because it was less of a full-on battle if you just gave into their needs and let them be in control of the whole thing.

You’ve probably silenced yourself for the sake of not causing any rifts with them or the connection because you honestly did not want to trigger their Ego or any misaligned reactions from them.

Maybe you’ve been on the other side of this equation, and your partner has been sitting in your seat?

Whatever it may be, when one partner is stepping into a space of inner union and alignment and expressing their truth from a higher state of relating and the other person (emotionally or physically) runs – it’s not you.

I’m releasing this article today because it’s a pertinent topic that helps you with releasing and letting go of control in this situation. At the end of the day, our own energetic state of being trumps making others around us feel some kind of way.

If you want to be progressive, a lightworker, and operating from a higher state of consciousness, you’re going to have to piss some Ego’s off. You’re going to have to learn to be resilient and stay within a space of integrity towards yourself when you are met with the resistance held within others.

As twin flames, we are activators! We activate the light codes within others, and this is sure to kick up the shadow aspects and energetic debris floating within their energetic field. You are bound to trigger someone to acknowledge and release old programming and patterning. You, twin flame, are an active flame in your connection!

That’s not to validate or condone you to stay within the confines of an abusive connection with someone who is narcassitic and intentionally gaslighting or causing you harm (mentally, spiritually, physically, energetically, emotionally). Again, stay within the space of integrity towards yourself. Stand up for yourself and do not consent to harmful patterning that seems to be on a never-ending loop.

But I want to restate that you are not the reason they left. You are not the one to blame here. You are not the problem if you continued to show up in your life and your connection. You are not responsible for their thoughts, feelings, healing, or actions.

When our energetic vibration is not matching that of another, (or a job, location, friendship, etc) – we literally cannot fully link in and connect with this person. We are living on two, separate timelines while exisiting in a multi-verse of realities.

We are never fully aware of the timelines running within every multi-verse for this other person, and there’s an aspect of your energy that is not consenting to them acting from a lower vibrational state. You all are pretty much speaking different languages! The energetic communication is static-y.

In your divine partnership, within a job, a location, a friendship, or anything, focus on maintaining your organic timelines and authentic blueprint. Focus on maintaining your energetic vibration and allow the other person or situation to meet you.

As we do this, we become open to receive that which is in true, authentic alignment with us instead of chasing that which is not in organic resonance with our soul. When we do this, we attract love, abundance, money, clients, opportunities, synchronistic miracles, and everything else that is already ours.

It’s time to break up with false guilt, spiritual gaslighting, and shitty programming around divine partnerships and twin flames (especially!).

Allow yourself to level up. Allow them to level up. Meet each other under the sacred energy of God/Source where love flows and abundance pours over.

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Until next time…

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