Scorpio New Moon | The Soul Retrieval Moon

Happy New Moon in Scorpio, Rising Phoenixes (Phoeni? What’s the plural version of Phoenix?!)

Leave it to Scorpio season to usher in a New Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, and (soon to be) Mars in Scorpio!

Talk about a Phoenix Rising season before we party it up with Sagittarius season and enter 2020 with our Capricornian seriousness on FLEEK!

I sat down this past week to channel the energy for this magnanimous New Moon, and boy is it transformative! This moon is all about setting new intentions for this lunar cycle, but with a twist – we are retrieving lost aspects of our soul and integrating ourselves so we can step into our power in a big way!

The message I received for this New Moon was, “Go into the darkness to retrieve your power”. What a powerful, bold statement! 

Being a New Moon, we are already engulfed under the darkness of the moon. We are having our eyes covered so we can take the journey, deep within our subconscious mind to revisit those hidden areas where old programming and imprints have left us feeling powerless in love, finances, our soul mission work, and our lives.

Where has the negative energy residing in your energetic field deterred you from stepping boldly into your soul’s calling? When have you shrunk yourself because you didn’t want to take the energetic space (or physical/emotional space) from others?

I actually called myself out on that latter question yesterday while I was purchasing groceries from the store! I’ve made a habit of rushing myself along while doing tasks like moving out of a parking spot, checking out at the Self-Checkout, and even working out at a machine in the gym!

I would apologize and quickly move “out of the way” if it looked like someone needed the Checkout, Parking Spot, or Machine I was using – as if I was “in the way” and needed to give them the space in the world.

This is a common happening for those with big energy who have been taught to be overly polite and quiet themselves, as to not disturb others. Many women in our society can relate to being told to shrink ourselves, as to not stand out or be overly seen. 

The moment I recognized this pattern within myself, I immediately took my grand old time! Not in a rude sense, but I allowed myself space and time that I needed to complete what I was doing. Actually, come to think of it now – I did this at the store and the gym yesterday!

Where have YOU been shrinking yourself down so you don’t create chaos, stir up trouble, or step on the toes of others? How are you shrinking yourself to make others feel comfortable?

Fun Fact: This is a form of control! This is a method that empathic and highly-sensitive people do because they can feel so much energy within their environments! The belief is that “If I can maintain and control my exterior environment, I will feel safe and secure within myself”.

This is common for those who grew up in households where they had to people please to keep the adults happy and at-bay. Because the adults could become hectic and stressed out, creating chaos in the household, the child learns how to keep the environment “safe and secure” by making sure everyone is okay.

The same goes for children who grew up in constant chaos, abuse, and a narcissistic adult. The child felt so disempowered and unsafe within their environment that they learned to not bring out these tendencies in other adults so they could feel safe in other circumstances.

It all boils down to this – you cannot control the negativity within another. You cannot control their temper, inner chaos, or how they react to their own discomfort. 

If someone gets pissed because they think that you are taking up space or need to shut up, what has left them so disempowered by the empowerment and sovereignty of others? Who told them they weren’t allowed to be in their power as a child?

This New Moon in Scorpio encourages us to acknowledge our own shadow and where we have reacted from a disempowered state. It encourages us to stop feeling the need to keep the environment stable if it means wearing a false mask or making yourself little so others feel comfortable.

You are entitled to as much sovereignty, power, and space as the next person. We are all one, not separate. You are on the same playing field as other soul incarnates. Remember who you are at your core.

Your spiritual gifts are not too big.
Your soul mission and vision are not too big.
Your unconditional love is not too big.
Your power is not too big.

Call back your energy and your power from all directions of space, time, and dimension. While calling your energy back, ask for it to pass through the ultraviolet flame to be cleansed and purified. Ask for it to be washed over with the golden light of Christ Consciousness. Finish up by asking for a 12D shield of platinum light to envelop your energetic field. Do this whenever you feel called.

Happy New Moon, Tribe! Set those intentions from your power center! Nothing is too big for this Universe!

Lots of Love,

Taylor Riner

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