Disengaging the Trauma Drama within Our Relationships

The depths of our connections lie in the willingness and commitment to swim deep.
-Taylor Riner-

A huge part of the Collective alignment and spiritual ascension process lies in the ability for us to heal our bonds and connections, and to mend the union between the divine masculine and divine feminine – both within us and around us.

I was pondering on the conversation around trauma bonding and the wounded inner child this evening, and how this heavily impacts some of the games we engage in within our relationships.

Why is it that we continue to perpetuate old cycles and old wounds, deeming it as true love and masking over the distortions with excuses?

Why are we constantly defending poor behavior and classifying our partners as resisting their awakening and saying, “They know not what they do”?

No one is to blame for this constant back and forth and the unhealthy dances we dance with others – we know not what we do.

But, in saying that, I am not relinquishing the responsibility and duty we all carry to address our triggers and cyclical patterns of unloving behaviors. There’s no excuse for continuing to say sorry and continue to not live in a space of integrity towards ourselves and the ones we care about.

As I pondered on trauma bonds and the inner child, how we excuse our partner’s and other’s behaviors, and then how we criticize ourselves and keep our minds on a loop of “what can I do to be better and keep others around?”… 

It hit me! We are continuously trying to re-parent the wounded inner child within others!

When you are highly sensitive and aware, you can sense and see the inner child within others. You can understand where their patterns stemmed from, and you can easily interact with your partner as if they are still a child who is wounded.

We constantly try to save, soothe, and coo to the wounded inner child of others. But we end up neglecting and rejecting our own inner child in the process. Why do you think you feel rejected and abandoned by your partner when you are trying to fix things and make them happy with you again?

You abandoned and rejected your inner child.

Again, this is not a guilt or blame show – it’s an acknowledgment of the fact that your inner child needs you to be its parent. And their inner child needs them to re-parent their inner child.

You can’t be held responsible for the work that others need to do. You can’t make them feel more safe, more trusting, more loving, and more secure. If they aren’t willing to be the responsible and trusting adult for their inner child, there’s nothing you can do to make things better within your connection.

Both parties in a connection have to choose to show up for themselves and the connection. When one person is showing up and the other person is in and out constantly – we end up in more of a trauma bond than an authentic bond.

It’s time to be honest with ourselves and take the authentic look at our patterns and the perpetuated trauma cycles between ourselves and others. Is it worth your time and energy to continue trying to parent the inner child of another? Is it making your inner child feel safe? Is it making you feel at peace?

Are we becoming so addicted to healing trauma that we keep going back to external situations for more trauma drama?

We want conscious relationships. We want to be a willing participant with another willing participant in our relationships. We want a relationship that is abundant, full of integrity, and one that includes two parties who choose to show up for themselves as well as the relationship.

If we want these things, why do we continue to agree and say yes to trauma bonds and continuous trauma cycles? If we want authentic relationships, all we have to do is ask and allow illusions and misaligned patterns and connections to fall out of our energetic field.

Just because someone is your twin flame doesn’t give anyone the right to feel entitled to do or show up however they want. If someone is not going to show up fully for themselves, for God/Source, or for you – why would you want to continue consenting to that energy and timeline?

Honor them and the sacred union by honoring yourself and Source. Honor and respect yourself by consenting to the highest vibrational timeline. Disengage from trauma because it begins to come down to not having integrity with yourself, your Soul, and your inner child.

Choose to have integrity towards yourself and watch as your whole life re-aligns back to you.

Will it be perfect all the time? No. But will you attract abundance, no matter if you are grieving, angry, sad, stressed, or feeling lost? Absolutely! 

Don’t listen to law of attraction and the positive mindset movement – you attract abundance through alignment. And you can be in alignment and be in a space of grieving at the same time. 

I am not telling you what to do, I am just asking you to consider yourself for a moment. 

We are headed towards a new year and a new decade, and it’s time to discontinue old patterns of struggle.

Pain is inevitable, but struggling is a choice. 

Do what you are called to do from the highest aspects of yourself. Grieve. Cry. Embrace sacred rage. But show your inner child that it is safe to just be – emoting, playing, laughing, crying, resisting, whatever.

Protect your inner child, and allow others to do the same for theirs.

Be okay with only parenting yourself. Be okay if others choose not to be the parent to their inner child and self. 

I love you all!

Taylor Riner

Scorpio New Moon | The Soul Retrieval Moon

Happy New Moon in Scorpio, Rising Phoenixes (Phoeni? What’s the plural version of Phoenix?!)

Leave it to Scorpio season to usher in a New Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, and (soon to be) Mars in Scorpio!

Talk about a Phoenix Rising season before we party it up with Sagittarius season and enter 2020 with our Capricornian seriousness on FLEEK!

I sat down this past week to channel the energy for this magnanimous New Moon, and boy is it transformative! This moon is all about setting new intentions for this lunar cycle, but with a twist – we are retrieving lost aspects of our soul and integrating ourselves so we can step into our power in a big way!

The message I received for this New Moon was, “Go into the darkness to retrieve your power”. What a powerful, bold statement! 

Being a New Moon, we are already engulfed under the darkness of the moon. We are having our eyes covered so we can take the journey, deep within our subconscious mind to revisit those hidden areas where old programming and imprints have left us feeling powerless in love, finances, our soul mission work, and our lives.

Where has the negative energy residing in your energetic field deterred you from stepping boldly into your soul’s calling? When have you shrunk yourself because you didn’t want to take the energetic space (or physical/emotional space) from others?

I actually called myself out on that latter question yesterday while I was purchasing groceries from the store! I’ve made a habit of rushing myself along while doing tasks like moving out of a parking spot, checking out at the Self-Checkout, and even working out at a machine in the gym!

I would apologize and quickly move “out of the way” if it looked like someone needed the Checkout, Parking Spot, or Machine I was using – as if I was “in the way” and needed to give them the space in the world.

This is a common happening for those with big energy who have been taught to be overly polite and quiet themselves, as to not disturb others. Many women in our society can relate to being told to shrink ourselves, as to not stand out or be overly seen. 

The moment I recognized this pattern within myself, I immediately took my grand old time! Not in a rude sense, but I allowed myself space and time that I needed to complete what I was doing. Actually, come to think of it now – I did this at the store and the gym yesterday!

Where have YOU been shrinking yourself down so you don’t create chaos, stir up trouble, or step on the toes of others? How are you shrinking yourself to make others feel comfortable?

Fun Fact: This is a form of control! This is a method that empathic and highly-sensitive people do because they can feel so much energy within their environments! The belief is that “If I can maintain and control my exterior environment, I will feel safe and secure within myself”.

This is common for those who grew up in households where they had to people please to keep the adults happy and at-bay. Because the adults could become hectic and stressed out, creating chaos in the household, the child learns how to keep the environment “safe and secure” by making sure everyone is okay.

The same goes for children who grew up in constant chaos, abuse, and a narcissistic adult. The child felt so disempowered and unsafe within their environment that they learned to not bring out these tendencies in other adults so they could feel safe in other circumstances.

It all boils down to this – you cannot control the negativity within another. You cannot control their temper, inner chaos, or how they react to their own discomfort. 

If someone gets pissed because they think that you are taking up space or need to shut up, what has left them so disempowered by the empowerment and sovereignty of others? Who told them they weren’t allowed to be in their power as a child?

This New Moon in Scorpio encourages us to acknowledge our own shadow and where we have reacted from a disempowered state. It encourages us to stop feeling the need to keep the environment stable if it means wearing a false mask or making yourself little so others feel comfortable.

You are entitled to as much sovereignty, power, and space as the next person. We are all one, not separate. You are on the same playing field as other soul incarnates. Remember who you are at your core.

Your spiritual gifts are not too big.
Your soul mission and vision are not too big.
Your unconditional love is not too big.
Your power is not too big.

Call back your energy and your power from all directions of space, time, and dimension. While calling your energy back, ask for it to pass through the ultraviolet flame to be cleansed and purified. Ask for it to be washed over with the golden light of Christ Consciousness. Finish up by asking for a 12D shield of platinum light to envelop your energetic field. Do this whenever you feel called.

Happy New Moon, Tribe! Set those intentions from your power center! Nothing is too big for this Universe!

Lots of Love,

Taylor Riner

Are They Running, or Not Resonating?

Ah, yes – the divine love journey. It can be sweet and bitter. It can be like a double-edged sword that nabs us from both ends. It’s not for the faint at heart, but it’s powerful enough to remind you of who the fuck you really are!

Being a twin flame has felt like the bane of my existence some days, but also a gift-giver of my truth and stepping stones of empowerment.

I’ve always felt like it was kind of a cosmic joke, that I was only let in on many years after the fact. Add in the hilarity of a tattooed quote that I have that reads, “A love so perfect, so beautiful, was the double-edged sword”, makes me wonder if I was getting that cosmic ‘heads up’ seven years before the BIG BANG!

But if this journey has taught me anything, it’s to be resilient, be vulnerable, and have a good laugh every once and a while! I’ve learned to see past my bullshit, his bullshit, and to see the truth of the matter – even when the Ego Mind is throwing a fit!

“Twin Flames” is a topic I have pulled back from, resisted, and avoided like the plague over the course of 2019. If you’ve noticed, I barely talk about it anymore because I simply wanted to give the topic a full-on eye roll after the past few years of being enthralled and feeling entrapped within the confines of this concept.

But here we are, talking about it again! Why, you may ask? Because my level of perception has completely shifted over the past year. I’ve deprogrammed so much of my own wounds and trauma, as well as redefined “twin flame” to be less of this false light program-riddled energy curse.

I see it through new eyes and from a new level of empowerment!

Every single, damn time that man has “ran”, I have always defaulted to finding my own faults. I would over-analyze every angle to try to find out why I was repelling him – like I was at-fault or to blame for his decisions.

The fact of the matter is that I have never and will never be responsible for his actions or emotions. Those belong to him, and I willingly revoke my own false belief that I am responsible for carrying him OR our connection up the mountain of spiritual ascension.

We, the bearers of conscious relationship templating for the new earth, have spent a fair amount of time wondering what we must have done to make the other person dissolve into the ethers after an intense, energetic (or sexual) explosion! “What is it about me that always drive them away?!”

We lose ourselves in our own wounds and trauma, replaying old stories and wondering why we are on a slippery slope every time the heat turns up between ourselves and our beloved!

Let me give you a paradoxical concept to ponder over instead – what if they weren’t running? What if your heightened vibratory state is pushing them out because they aren’t resonating with You?

Yep, I said it! Maybe, just maybe, something about your encounter with them created an increase in your energetic vibration and they aren’t currently matching you at the moment.

That shift in perspective has been a game changer for me as it has reflected back to me that I am whole, complete, and fine. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. If my vibration wasn’t of resonance with his, that’s okay. I’m only responsible for me in this equation.

We are reaching a new era, a new decade, and a new year – it’s time to shift our perceptions and the way we move within our divine partnerships. It’s time to replace the torch of blame with the empowering flames of our Phoenix-Rising.

If you’re a twin flame, or a whole-half of a divine partnership, you get it! It resonates! You can count the times that you felt like you were the driving force to make them leave (or run for the motherfucking hills) after spending an open-hearted amount of time with them.

You’ve probably felt like you were hitting a brick wall by stepping to them from a space of empowerment and integrity towards yourself to only be met with a big, old pile of Ego.

You’ve probably dropped your energetic vibration to meet them where they were at because it was less of a full-on battle if you just gave into their needs and let them be in control of the whole thing.

You’ve probably silenced yourself for the sake of not causing any rifts with them or the connection because you honestly did not want to trigger their Ego or any misaligned reactions from them.

Maybe you’ve been on the other side of this equation, and your partner has been sitting in your seat?

Whatever it may be, when one partner is stepping into a space of inner union and alignment and expressing their truth from a higher state of relating and the other person (emotionally or physically) runs – it’s not you.

I’m releasing this article today because it’s a pertinent topic that helps you with releasing and letting go of control in this situation. At the end of the day, our own energetic state of being trumps making others around us feel some kind of way.

If you want to be progressive, a lightworker, and operating from a higher state of consciousness, you’re going to have to piss some Ego’s off. You’re going to have to learn to be resilient and stay within a space of integrity towards yourself when you are met with the resistance held within others.

As twin flames, we are activators! We activate the light codes within others, and this is sure to kick up the shadow aspects and energetic debris floating within their energetic field. You are bound to trigger someone to acknowledge and release old programming and patterning. You, twin flame, are an active flame in your connection!

That’s not to validate or condone you to stay within the confines of an abusive connection with someone who is narcassitic and intentionally gaslighting or causing you harm (mentally, spiritually, physically, energetically, emotionally). Again, stay within the space of integrity towards yourself. Stand up for yourself and do not consent to harmful patterning that seems to be on a never-ending loop.

But I want to restate that you are not the reason they left. You are not the one to blame here. You are not the problem if you continued to show up in your life and your connection. You are not responsible for their thoughts, feelings, healing, or actions.

When our energetic vibration is not matching that of another, (or a job, location, friendship, etc) – we literally cannot fully link in and connect with this person. We are living on two, separate timelines while exisiting in a multi-verse of realities.

We are never fully aware of the timelines running within every multi-verse for this other person, and there’s an aspect of your energy that is not consenting to them acting from a lower vibrational state. You all are pretty much speaking different languages! The energetic communication is static-y.

In your divine partnership, within a job, a location, a friendship, or anything, focus on maintaining your organic timelines and authentic blueprint. Focus on maintaining your energetic vibration and allow the other person or situation to meet you.

As we do this, we become open to receive that which is in true, authentic alignment with us instead of chasing that which is not in organic resonance with our soul. When we do this, we attract love, abundance, money, clients, opportunities, synchronistic miracles, and everything else that is already ours.

It’s time to break up with false guilt, spiritual gaslighting, and shitty programming around divine partnerships and twin flames (especially!).

Allow yourself to level up. Allow them to level up. Meet each other under the sacred energy of God/Source where love flows and abundance pours over.

If you’d like to work together within a sacred container, please check out my list of Services here.

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Until next time…

Hot, Wet,Crazy, Walk-In Summers

Hello and welcome back, Tribe!

I have been MIA from my blog for a couple of months now. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with my blog, my mission, and everything lately.

It’s been a hot, crazy summer – to say the least! And the simplification within myself and my business and what my true calling is has been a long process of downsizing.

My own self-discoveries and reviews of my biggest soul lessons is culminating to show me the direction forward with regards to how to best serve you at this time – and who I am truly meant to serve at this time.

Discovering that a spiritual phenomena that I experienced in April 2015 was actually my walk-in experience has been confusing, jolting, and made me feel like a crazy person – but at the same time, it all resonated so deeply.

For those who are not familiar with the terminology and concept of a walk-in. This is a phenomena that occurs when our natal soul (the soul we are born with) has an agreement set up with another soul within it’s soul monad to facilitate and set up a soul switch.

A soul switch or reassignment can occur if the natal soul has fully completed it’s mission, or it no longer feels like it can fulfill it’s mission – and the walk-in comes in to continue fulfilling it’s mission or comes in to begin a new mission.

This is a deep subject that is both multi-faceted as well as multi-layered, so I will not jump into every aspect in this blog alone. Not trying to novel up during my first blog back!

Walk-ins are not possessions or negative entities. There is a agreement made prior to any incarnations, and the soul mission work is to help with planetary ascension and the elevation of the Collective Consciousness to a higher vibratory state.

My Walk-In Experience

On the night of April 7, 2015, I had hit a deep, dark place within myself. I remember feeling so stuck and stagnant that I didn’t even feel confident that I would be able to recover. I felt stuck in my relationship, stuck in my job, stuck in my finances, and I just wanted to not be here.

By no means was this experience a suicidal ideation or attempt. But there was definitely a sense of dissociating from this earthly experience. I remember feeling emotionally shot and between this world and somewhere else.

This was the night of my car accident, where I totalled my car after going down a 40-foot embankment. While recovering my vehicle, I remember the tow truck guy saying, “Damn girl, you should’ve been dead! How are you alive and without a scratch or brusie on ya?!” That’s how bad the accident was – I should have never walked away from it.

I have no clue what occurred during the five to ten minutes prior to my car accident, nor had I ever been to the location in which my accident occurred. Crazy thing is, I ended up taking out a One Way street sign as well! I was completely out of my body around the time of my accident!

The only recollection I have was feeling like there was chaos around me, screaming “Michael!”, and tossing my arm over this HUGE, blue-white light body in my car. I can even remember feeling this light body against my arm as if there was a human in the car with me. (Fun fact: This was the presence of Archangel Michael who appeared to facilitate the walk-in/walk-out process to ensure no interferences or entities stepped into my conscious-less body).

I have no clue how I escaped my car or ended up with zero bruises, zero scrapes, zero breaks, and almost clean clothes, (mind you, it was pouring the rain that night – hard!).

All I can recall is being in my body and wandering around in the darkness and downpouring rain, and also being above my body. I later have found out that our natal soul can hang around the auric field for years after a walk-in experience to help guide the walk-in soul. But I was definitely viewing myself from within and high above!

Integrating My Walk-In Soul

I honestly feel like my integration process over the past 4+ years has been the most challenging – even compared to the darkness my natal soul was going through before the walk-in experience.

I dealt with the deepest depression and anxiety ever since I have been integrating to earth and this life I walked into. I have felt like I’ve walked into a bit of a pickle, and I was handed over the tools to fix it – but no instructions or step-by-step guide.

By December 8 or 9 of 2016, I wanted to get out of here! That was the night that I hit my deepest pit within my dark night of the soul and I wanted to go home! Again, not a suicidal attempt or ideation – I just wanted to be beamed up already!

This Earth felt cold, dark, and the opposite of the love I have been accustomed to. It felt dissociated with it’s own truth, and that made me feel so dissociated with this planet. But this was the turning point.

Yes, my walk-in soul felt like, “This was it! I can just have another soul walk in right now!” But that is not what happened. What happened is, I started to receive the step-by-step guides!

It all started with a book, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, which taught me the power of the present (something I seemed to have forgottten amidst my descent into this earthly realm). And one by one, piece by piece, each day, month, and year has been another step forward.

Here I sit, during the last quarter of 2010’s decade and within the last quarter of 2019 and I feel almost fully integrated! Five years later! And this year has been the most pivotal because of the deep work with Quantum Inner Child Healing I have been doing, as well as some other quantum work.

How Does This Experience Relate to My Work?

Great question! My experience with my walk-in and integrating over the past 4+ years has been long, ardous, and I have felt like I have been doing a lot of work alone. I have experienced deep feelings of depression and anxiety (especially anxiety!) as I started to feel core wounds and trauma within my DNA from my natal soul.

Walk-ins come from galactic groups and the angelic realms where these feelings are not a conditioning. There is a different way of relating within these realms than there is on earth. So, dropping into this earthly realm and body feels restricting, stuck, and sticky. It feels like entrapment for some walk-ins who just want to raise the vibration of this body and planet!

My own experience with energetic clean up and doing the inner child/trauma/past-life work has been profound and powerful on my mindset, my sense of empowerment, my sovereignty, and my ability to move out of this parasympathetic state of constant fight or flight that this society has been trained to have as a baseline.

Walk-ins come in and are highly sensitive empaths, and not having the step-by-steps on how to unpack all these density can leave a walk-in feeling like this is mission impossible.

This is my first time sharing my walk-in experience because I wanted to fully understand it to the best of my abilities and figure out how to best serve the Collective in the process.

Being a walk-in who is also a twin flame who walked in is a whole other doozy! My experiences have taught me how to help Walk-ins gain their earth legs, how to navigate stepping into the Twin Flame Mission, how to move through dense energy (especially as a sensitive), and how to throw down the shackles of anxiety and depressive feelings.

If you have felt resonance with being a Walk-in before, you’re a twin flame, or you just want to unpack trauma that is creating a looping pattern of struggle and anxiety – let’s connect! I understand how intense it can be entering this realm and playing field. It’s intense! But not mission impossible.

I pray that this blog helped someone out there who may be struggling with a common thing that I have experienced.

You can email me at taylorlovecoach@gmail.com. Don’t be fooled by love coach – I just love to coach! LOL!

Follow me on Instagram @taylorrinercoach or on Facebook at facebook.com/taylorriner222 to connect as well.

Lots of Love to you!

False Light Programs and Twin Flames

As we de-throne the guru and reveal the spiritual narcissist, we are shining the light of truth on many of the false light programs that are keeping many people feeling stuck or disempowered. 

Twin Flames, of course, is a community and concept that hits home on a deep level. I have personally navigated the heavy seas of false light programming on the Twin Flame journey, felt disempowered, stuck, and confused on why I felt like I was going around in a loop! 

As someone who resonates with New Earth over New Age, it’s important to me to be able to rattle the cages of old belief structures that are siphoning energy from the collective and masking themselves as “love and light”. Each and every person is sovereign, and we have the right to follow our own inner truth and light.

Many false light programs go against cosmic law and break the rules around our soul sovereignty. The programs create false ascension traps and work in a manner that keeps people trapped or locked into loops or cycles. 

For those who are new to the concept and conversation around false light programs:

False Light Programs create an etheric connection and cording to the False Light Matrix grid through different belief systems, ideologies, practices that keep people distracted, disempowered, disconnected to their own sovereignty. False Light Programs have been created to create a fear frequency as well as feed lower vibrational entities and beings off the fear that is manifested through the different programs. Individuals end up feeling like they are in a loop or being recycled through different patterns and cycles. These programs were developed by alien technology to maintain a constant food source through lower vibrational energies. 

As scary as it sounds, you are not trapped in the False Light Program or Matrix forever. At some point or another, most, if not all, people have fallen into trapping systems within the False Light Matrix. 

Through the development of spiritual discernment, participating in your inner work and processing, owning your inner truth, and learning to listen to your inner voice, you step back into your power and sovereignty consciousness and step out of any false light programming that may have kept you feeling belittled or stuck.

Examples of False Light Programs

There are a multitude of different examples of false light programs, but I wanted to discuss three main programs or trapping systems that I feel are prevalent within the spiritual/New Age/religious communities.

Diverting Individuals From Taking Action

This process of diversion from taking action works through the manipulation of the feminine energy and the disempowerment of the masculine energy within an individual. As many know, the feminine energy is the creative life force, the manifesting energy, and the energy that is connected to the spiritual and inner realms. The masculine energy is connected to doing, taking action, and taking ideas and initiating action into the physical world. 

Diversion from taking action belittles both the masculine and feminine energy within us by disconnecting the power that flows out when both the masculine and feminine energies within us work together in unison. 

One way we have been diverted from taking action is through the Just Surrender Movement. Granted, I have been stuck in this trapping system before and I know firsthand how stagnant I felt in this programming. The Just Surrender Movement has misconstrued a concept and kept many individuals in a stuck, holding pattern.

Just Surrender has created this belief system that by doing nothing at all, things will get done. There is this false belief that someone or something will swoop in and save us from doing the work

The issue with this old paradigm is that it allows us to bypass the work and the responsibility by waiting on someone to return so that we can be saved. It feeds off old belief structures and generational wounds tied to the wounded feminine – if I wait, someone will save me.

But if we never initiate action, if we sit around and dream, and if we believe that we are in the way of The Divine Plan and we need to sit down and wait for something to happen, we will be left waiting. Nothing will be fully created. We will just feel trapped in our circumstances and life.

Doing the work, the inner processing, and finding our inner power is our divine birthright. It seems easier to wait around for someone, something, or an event to save us. But we are left on the edge of our seats, or like a puppy dog looking out the window, waiting for something outside of ourselves to give us power. 

No one and nothing is set in stone, no one can intervene without our consent, and we cannot divert from the inner work and expect to be set free.

Doing the work isn’t a magic spell or quick-fix. We cannot write a million release lists, ask for a divine savior to make all our problems or challenges go away, and bypass our old belief systems and subconscious programs. 

We have to become the introspective investigator so we can examine our old programs, old templates, what we have consented to (in this lifetime or another), the old belief systems we have created or adopted, and question them. What is true to you? What do you consent to? What do you need to transmute from your energetic field and programming?

It is not the easiest path, but doing the inner work is severely empowering. You become a master of your mind and learn how to discern the thoughts, patterns, and beliefs of others as well. You create energetic protection through your own, sharpened discernment and sovereignty. 

Keeping People Distracted from Their Inner Truth and Their True Self

We are a nation of distracted individuals. At this point in history, we are the most connected and disconnected individuals ever. At the click of a button, we are connected to millions and billions around the world. But we are so disconnected from ourselves and our present moment in our lives – more so than ever!

Distraction is a technique that allows the infiltration of power figures to gain dominion over individuals by disconnecting them from themselves. If you have people constantly seeking outside for answers, magic spells, and validation – you become the god and the higher voice over people.

False Light Programs and Matrices keep individuals locked into fear frequencies and lower 4D grid systems through distraction. Instead of encouraging others to connect to their own, internal truth, they are fed or sold the truths outside of themselves – no matter if these truths are true or not.

These distractions become a dependency and feed into the narcissistic-empathic connection, although not all of the gurus, teachers, or healers are consciously aware of the implants within them that are creating this narcissistic control mechanism. 

Forms of distractions or dependency traps can show up as someone saying that they are the only one who can help you or save you, that their truth is the only truth, that you need to seek them for answers or guidance, and that  you have to give them money to reach your desired outcome or goal. 

Every single person is sovereign and fully capable of clearing their energetic field of old beliefs and programs, receiving inner guidance, unlocking their spiritual gifts, and being a direct channel to God/Source. You do not need someone to do the work that you are designed to do on your own, for free.

Is it helpful to work with a mentor, coach, therapist, or healer as you are processing internal programs and beliefs? Absolutely! A third-party, neutral guide can help you locate your blind spots and move through your inner processing quicker. But it is not necessary.

We must question the intention behind what people are selling us or distracting us with. If they are the only way out, and we are being asked to focus on them to reach our salvation, it’s worth taking into question their motives. 

Keeping People on Healing Loops and On False Ascension Paths

One of the most prevalent forms of False Light Programming is through healing loops and False Ascension Paths. I have conversed with so many individuals who feel like they keep healing the same wounds repeatedly and that they feel stagnant.

Or, there are individuals who feel like they have done all the work they need to do, and that they are like an ascended master who has ascended from all the old paradigms and beliefs. But the moment something cataclysmic happens, they are back at square one. 

False Healing Loops and Ascension Paths create an illusion that we have done the work or inner processing. But at the end of the day, the old programs and templates are still running the show within the subconscious mind. There is still an etheric attachment to the Lower 4D Grid System. 

Individuals end up in this addictive patterning of constantly healing patterns or programs that they have already transmuted and cleared. They feel like they need to constantly heal themselves, their loved ones, and the Collective. So, they get trapped in this process of wound and trauma recycling

Wound and Trauma Recycling can be equated to the reincarnation of old wounds, traumas, and programs. We keep running old programs and templates repeatedly, and we feel drained from all the purging and healing work. We stay in a pattern of addiction with the pain and the drama of old wounds, beliefs, fears, and traumas. We end up retraumatizing ourselves

Instead of bypassing the work, we become addicted to “the work”. We get trapped in this mindset that we are not ascending unless we are in constant chaos, drama, or upheaval. We become so fixated on becoming better and “enough” that we get caught in a looping cycle of crisis.

We may even become so addicted to healing that we are constantly confronting people in our lives, trying to heal or cut cords with people in our lives, and feeling like we need to fix everyone around us as well as ourselves. Why? Because we are stuck in a holding pattern that something isn’t right and I need to fix it to make it better and to be more than I am right now.

Healing loops equal “I am not good enough”. We feel validated within ourselves if we keep having breakthroughs after periods of chaos. We become addicted to the high of healed, and we keep going back for more.

Maybe, you’re already enough. Maybe, you are already healed and whole, Maybe, you are doing great and are perfect in this present moment. God isn’t broken and neither are you. Once you drop the shame, blame, guilt, and judgment, you make room to see that you are love.

Twin Flames and False Light Programs

If I had a dollar for every time I have felt caught up in or have witnessed false light programs within the twin flame community, I would be a bazillionaire!!! The False Light Programs are so skilled at using intimate connections outside of ourselves to create a fear frequency and keep individuals in holding patterns. 

Yes, I believe in the twin flame templates and divine union templates. I believe in the mission of twin flames. But I don’t buy into all the bullshit being fed and strewn across the internet and multiple social media outlets.

Treat everything you read about twin flames, every reading about twin flames, like an article on Wikipedia – anyone can come in and tweak something and take the whole conversation out of context.

Twin Flames, along with a multitude of other concepts, becomes like a game of telephone. By the time the concept has made it through multiple streams of consciousness, it has been distorted with different perceptions, experiences, and ideas. Concepts that are processed through the 4D Grids and the human mind are not constant and are ever-changing based off of interpretation. 

So many concepts, theories, conversations, and topics within the twin flame community work off of dependency traps, distraction, diversion, and the constant waiting game of someone save me

I have experienced so many people reaching out to me in utter chaos and panic because of the twin flame experience and false light programs. These individuals feel trapped, stuck, and are looking for any answer out there to make the pain stop.

What does the pain, the runner-chaser, and the stuck feeling come from? False Light Programming. You don’t have to live in utter hell and chaos because of any concept or experience. You can choose to break free and forge your own path by connecting to your inner truth and guidance. 

Mirror Exercise, or Spiritual Gaslighting??

I remember when I first learned about the mirror exercise. The mirror exercise is based on the idea that our entire external reality is merely a reflection of our inner world. That would validate the following:

Survivors of rape or molestation experienced rape or molestation because of something within them. 

Someone is gaslighting you or abusing you because some aspect of you is gaslighting yourself or abusing yourself.

If someone is ignoring you or rejecting you, it’s because you are ignoring and rejecting yourself.

The Mirror Exercise can be used in a healthy way. But it has been used as a form of spiritual gaslighting. It has become a tool to blame individuals for their external experiences and reality, as if they wouldn’t experience a broken reality if they weren’t so broken within

Can we use this activity to uncover subconscious programming? Sure. But for me, that would equate to seeing that, “Hey! I keep experiencing financial challenges and poverty!”, then using that to uncover possible scarcity or poverty consciousness so you can unplug from that belief program or templates. 

Or, someone may notice that they keep experiencing the tendency to run from a relationship once it gets to intimate, vulnerable, or serious. One could use the mirror exercise to see that maybe this is connected to inner child trauma or false beliefs around love and intimacy. That doesn’t mean this person is broken, there are just subconscious programs that need to be dismantled. 

Other False Light Programs Twins Face

Other traps or false programs are set to keep twin flames stuck, waiting, or on a holding pattern. We buy into the belief that abusive behavior is normal in the twin flame connection, and that we need to love and light the other person regardless.

Abuse is not normal in any connection, and it should not be tolerated as if it is just a cute little mannerism that you or another individual is expressing. If you are experiencing abusive (physical, emotional, psychological), you need to step into your power and set healthy boundaries for yourself. No one deserves to be treated in an abusive way.

Another false program is that a twin’s free will only goes so far. No Soul or Spiritual Being can manipulate or control the free will choices made by a human – that is a violation of sovereignty. If someone chooses to not do the work, be with someone, or participate in an experience, they have the right to say no.

If the physical twin chooses not to participate in the twin flame journey or ascension process, they can choose to opt out. Of course, this is where walk-in souls can occur, but I am not sure of the percentage of times that this happens. I just do not know enough to give you the facts.

Just surrendering and waiting on some divine intervention to give you what you want becomes a form of entrapment. You end up waiting and waiting for a miracle but never living your life, (and your life is the ultimate miracle). You literally miss the miracle by waiting on one.

Yes, divine interventions can happen where people experience a big shake up in their lives and experience a “coming to Jesus moment”. But that is, ultimately, the choice of the individual to make a shift or do the work. If they choose to go back to sleep, that’s their free will.

I do not save any of this to scare you or deter you from your twin flame template or mission. I say all of this to remind you of your life, your power, and your choices. You do not have to heal another or wait on another to heal or save you. You hold all the power within you to live a fulfilled, balanced, amazing life. You hold your divine union template within, and you get to choose to experience inner union whenever you want.

We need to break away from this constant obsession that someone or something outside of us is going to fix us and make us all better. We feel disempowered when we wait on the power outside of us to give us what we already have access to within. 

You don’t need someone to save you.

You don’t need someone to fix you.

You don’t need someone to make your decisions.

You don’t need someone before you can live your life.

You don’t need someone else to tell you what your truth is.

You aren’t broken.

You haven’t experienced pain because you are messed up inside.

You are whole.

You are sovereign.

You are an extension and co-creator with God. 

Please Share this with others in your life – your friends, partner, family, whomever. It’s time to unplug ourselves from False Light Programming. It’s time to cut off the food supply to the False Light Matrix. It’s time to reclaim our sovereignty and get off the treadmill of illusion. 

If you are ready to unplug from False Light Programs and Matrices, Let’s connect! I offer mentorship, guidance, and support through my Coaching and Inner Child Healing. My goal is to show you how powerful you are so you can feel empowered to clear old programs and initiate action in your life without the dependency on another. I am in the business of sovereignty. Click here for more.

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Why Does Chaos Show Up When I Am Manifesting?

If I had a dollar to throw at every Instagram Influencer, YouTuber, and Coach that promised bliss, abundance, and $10,000 in one month, I would have just thrown away a bucket-load of cash.

We reside in a day-and-age where we want everything right now and not a second later. Everything from dating, to Amazon Prime, to our books – we have a serious case of the impatience.

Anyone who has ever hosted a little moon ritual or curated a banging list of intentions for manifestation knows, you open a new realm when your vision for your future shifts.

Be it, divine union with your divine partner, a bank account with multiple commas, or your best life – we all hold a deep visualization of how we would like our lives to shift.

But I don’t want to discuss how you can manifest your best life, more money, or your divine partner. I want to jump into a discussion that no one seems to be talking about –

Why Does Chaos Show Up When I Am Manifesting?

Have you ever noticed that the shifts that start to occur when we get crystal-clear about our big vision or goal seems to attract a heaping pile of what the fuck??!

It’s like the moment you set your course towards a certain destination point, the dirt under the rugs is blown up into the air.

This doesn’t feel like what I was promised!

So, why is chaos stalking our heels as we desire alignment with higher timelines and our Future Self residing on them?

Your Future Self received the call

When you put in your order with God or the Universe, the call or intention is heard loud and clear. That visualization meditation you did, the deep focus on what you would like to manifest, did something. It created a reaction, a chain of events.

Your Future Self just became your personal life coach, and he/she is in the process of guiding you right to where they are standing on a future timeline.

Your Future Self remembers all the old beliefs and stories that needed to be deprogrammed. Your Future Self remembers who you needed to move away from and who you needed to meet. Your Future Self remembers every seemingly big sacrifice that needed to be made to make it to where they are at.

It’s Time to Marie Kondo Your Life

You sign up for a crash-course in decluttering and releasing certain patterns and aspects within yourself and around you when you ask for what you want. To manifest those big vision goals and dreams, you need to clear out your space and re-organize some things.

You cannot take every person, situation, belief, fear, and old story with you to where you are headed. Not everyone or everything is a vibrational match for your Future Timeline you are requesting resonance with.

Seeing that our Being and our world runs off of energetic vibration, we must align ourselves from an energetic space. We must Marie Kondo both our energy field and our life to align with a higher timeline from where we are currently residing. It’s not personal, it’s energetic.

For tips straight from the clean-up queen herself, Marie Kondo, click here and figure out how you can apply these tips to more than just your house, but your life!

Everything is actually working out right now!

It may feel as if your inner self and your world is crumbling around you. But, the bigger the crumble, the bigger the blessing.

Once external sources of safety, security, and comfort begin to fall out of your life, you know that something huge is on its way!! Jobs, relationships, living situations, or whatever! Once the external crumbles away, your manifestation is almost fully anchored into your physical reality.

Our physical reality, or the 3rd dimension of reality, is super dense and is usually the slowest portion to take full form. So, it may appear that the gods are seeking revenge on you. But you are seriously thisclose to watching your dreams become reality.

The shift of your external sources of stability are tied to your deepest set of fears, beliefs, and core wounds. So, the physical shift seems to hit the hardest. We literally must release the old sources of stability around us that are leaving because there is a bigger blessing descending from the heavens.

In conclusion…

You put in your order with the Universe, you held your beautiful intention-setting ritual, you deeply connected and visualized that higher aspect of yourself – now it’s time to push past any previous blocks and barriers that barricaded you from your highest potential.

Now is the time to trust and have deep, unwavering faith while practicing the fine art of “Be Still & Know that I am God” as higher forces work to deliver your desires to your doorstep.

Be open to how it appears. You may have a rigid outlook for the outcome, but your ability to be open and flexible will allow the process to move along a lot faster and easier. Resistance is only an experience we choose, so we can shift that experience at any moment.

Hold your vision deep inside of your heart. Revisit your crystal-clear vision and truly feel into the experience of everything falling into place. How does it feel in your body? How does it make you feel? Truly step into the moment and get excited!

If you are ready for big shifts, to clear through the big blocks, and to truly align with your Future Self in a more graceful manner – let’s connect! Check out my yummy menu of services and gain the support and empowerment that will help you transition to your SOUL new level!

Until next time!

4 Ways to Handle Rejection in Relationships

A common thread between you and I is that we have heard “No” several times.

-Taylor Riner-

During many conversations with clients and other individuals, as we curl up on the couch with friends or find ourselves in a fleeting conversation in the grocery store line – it seems as if we, in our human experience, share a common thread: we have dealt with the experience of rejection.

Be it a job opportunity, relationship, friendship, or anything else, “no” is a common experience we share.

How can two letters create such a heavy ripple through our experience? How can two letters dredge up so many fears or unwanted emotions or thoughts? How can two letters shake us to our core?

Within our childhood development, we have been challenged with the resistance of “no” and the feeling of our voice and desires being rejected. It could have been your parents, a teacher, or maybe a peer who declined your desires or offers. Regardless, that feeling that we are unable to move forward with what we want can feel so frustrating and annoying.

But this feeling of rejection, of declination, of a “no” seems to feel most intense between ourselves and a (potential) partner, am I right??!

Have you ever liked (or loved) someone so much, but it never seems to move forward? You feel out of control? You feel like you are floating in the dreaded grey area? Or, maybe you receive that long, ardous text where they are saying, “This isn’t working…this isn’t what I want…I met someone else”….

How do we accept this? How do we let go and drop the resistance to their free will choice? How do we walk away with our head held high, a heart full of hope, and with grace?

How to Shift Our Rejection to Redirection

Advice #1 – The Universe is doing you a “Solid

We have all heard the old saying, Rejection is form of divine protection and redirection. We have heard it, and sometimes it makes us grit our teeth. We feel like the little child again who is being told that we cannot get that toy we want. But we want it, damnit!!

If you knew now that this was all for the best, would you believe it? If you knew that this relationship would have been detrimental to your soul’s growth, or would have distracted you from your destined path, how would you perceive this rejection now?

There are times when we want someone or something from a space of fearing loneliness, of feeling lack or being in a scarcity mindset, of feeling unsafe or insecure, or we just wanted to feel love. So, we take the “easy” route and search externally for something that we need to focus on tapping into within.

But we sometimes end up in relationships where we still feel lonely, unsafe, insecure, unloved, unworthy, or as if we are lacking something. The person – they don’t come in to permanently fill a void. People enter our life to enrich the wonderful aspects we already have within ourselves.

So, maybe the Universe is doing you a solid by allowing you to stay more-so on your destined path instead of veering off on a detour. In other words, the Universe is leading you straight to what (or who) you desire via a divine fast-track.

Advice #2 – Aligning with Ourselves

Each “no” is a redirection and an invitation to align with our soul’s truth.

Our Higher Self and God are always working on our behalf to coordinate and co-create the exact experience we need to prepare us for what’s to come. And, yes, sometimes this comes through the experience of the “No”.

When we experience the duality of what we desire, we are taught the soul skills of patience, trust, acceptance, and allowance. We are being taught to align with the exact experience we want by experiencing the opposite. A divine paradox, much!

During a time when you are approached by a romantic interest and they decline going forward with you, what do you experience?

You probably experience someone who is choosing not to be with you. You experience someone who is not aligning with you in some way. You are experiencing someone who does not want to commit to you.

Is this what we truly desire?

No! What do you truly desire? A partner who chooses you, wants to commit to you, someone who is willing to be on a team with you, and someone who feels aligned with you.

This person just (subconsciously) freed you up to align with your person. You just gained the opportunity to stumble into your person through divine alignment. In other words, the Universe is conspiring to bring you what you truly desire, someone who will serve in your soul’s growth, and help you continue to align with your divine path!

Advice #3 – Don’t Allow This to Define Who YOU Are

Did you know that their “no”does not mean that anything is wrong with you? You are not who you date or marry. They don’t have the power to set the tone for your worth. Only you carry that kind of power.

Their no = know your worth.

You are worthy of love, of commitment, of an amazing partnership. You are worthy of a relationship that stimulates growth and elevation. Anything less than that is not in alignment with you.

You have every right to feel your feelings when you feel rejected. Grieve. Cry. Scream into your pillow. But know that this is merely a chance for you to unravel yourself from the barriers of beliefs that are connected to everything that truly isn’t in alignment with your truth.

If this relationship made you feel unloved, unworthy, and as if you could never been enough – then allow those beliefs to die with the ending of that relationship. Let it all fall away and redefine your truth from more empowering beliefs and stories.

Advice #4 – Let That ‘ish Go!

If they want to leave, let ’em. Honor and reject their free will choice to move in a new direction, and you do the same.

When we stalk ex’s on social media, send them unanswered texts, call them, and all the things in-between, we must ask ourselves – where is this coming from?

More than likely, you feel out of control and unsafe. Your inner child wounds are surfacing. You feel unheard and unseen. But through these attempts to gain attention from an external source, you run the risk of manifesting no positive attention from them.

Use this time to gain attention from yourself. What do you need in this moment to feel safe? What can you do for yourself to create an experience of safety, security, and love?

Do you need to write down your feelings in a journal? Talk to a professional? Process these emotions with a trusted confidante? See and hear yourself during this experience?

Be your own Guide, Guru, and Healer during this time. Re-parent your inner child through this experience. Don’t reject yourself when you need yourself more than anything right now. You may have felt rejected by love as a child, but you get to create a new story this time around. You get to see this as a fleeting experience and an opportunity to show yourself that love never leaves just because you parted ways with someone.

Do yourself a favor and delete them from your peripheral and allow yourself to heal and move on – your Future Self will thank you later. It is an act of self-love to accept the current moment and move forward with yourself. If it is meant to come back together, it will when it’s divinely-timed. Until then, honor and respect your life by living it.

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