SH(IF)T Intensive

Life. We can either be a Victim of it or Victorious.

If all of your hopes, dreams, wishes, lifestyle, and relationship were on the other side of fear – what would you do?

Would you choose to scrap all of your grandest visions because the Inner Critic is telling you that you can’t be abundant, you can’t live a fulfilled life, you can’t be successful, and divine union is a silly dream?

Or, would you choose to SH(IF)T?

Join me for a 4-week Intensive 1:1 experience, as we work together to bring awareness to your pain points, shine light on your blind spots, create a crystal-clear vision, and help you to finally manifest your desires.

This is BIGGER than that Manifestation Mastermind you signed up for!

The problem I have seen, as well as experienced, in the coaching scene is that you have a ton of coaches slapping on a $4000+ price tag on products that do not have the capacity to deliver a full-on, long-lasting process.

I have sat through them…Been on the calls…felt inspired, but fell flat once the course or group coaching was finished!

What does my program have that others don’t?

Not only will you receive 1:1 Coaching to create practical and applicable steps to initiate a shift, you will also receive two sessions that help to completely eradicate long-standing beliefs and programming within your subconscious.

Maybe your challenge or struggle is not as surface level as your conscious mindset. Maybe pep talks and pretty affirmations aren’t giving you the shift you need. Maybe it’s deeply-bound and entangled within your subconscious, and what you truly need is a full overhaul and rewiring to bring a long-lasting shift.

Here is my Formula 4 Success:

Week One: Let’s Get Clear & Do The Damn Thing!

During the first week, I will help you with getting crystal-clear on your goal or vision, shine light on WTF has been blocking or stagnating your progress, clear out those core wounds at the root, and create a game-plan to help you make Quantum Leaps & Break Through Your Barriers.

Week One will include 2 1:1 Sessions that will help you to set your life in-motion.

Week Two: Fine-Tune & Tailor

During the second week, we will review your progress from the week, address any challenges or pain points you may have faced, re-connect with your goal or vision, and fine-tune your game-plan to continue to create momentum. Once you’re on a roll, there’s no stopping your manifestation.

Week Three: Let’s Dive Deeper & SH(IF)T More

After our half-way mark together, let’s turn up the heat and cook up your abundance until it’s well-done! During the third week, we will continue to help you reconnect, realign, and clear out any blocks that are surfacing. Let’s help you focus deeper and really get a clear and precise aim on your goal or vision by clearing out any surfacing core wounds at the root!

Week Three will include 2 1:1 Sessions that will help you to amp up the volume on your desires.

Week Four: Let’s Celebrate Your Amazing SH(IF)T!!

Week four is an amazing time! Not only will we bring total awareness to all the progress you have made. But, we will work together to create a long-term plan to help you stay focused on your goals and big-picture vision. The work continues after our SH(IF)T Intensive, and I want to ensure that you have a game-plan to help you continue to create swift momentum in your life.

As a Bonus Gift For All of Your Amazing Work…

You will receive a free 30-minute call with me that will be good for 6 months after our SH(IF)T Intensive. This will allow you the space to ask any questions, gain more clarity and guidance, and to review the continued progress you have made on your own. I like to think of it as our Reunion Empowerment Celebration .

The goal of SH(IF)T is to give you a leg-up, help you create a super-clear vision, and empower you to create the quantum leaps and shifts on your own, moving forward.

If you are ready to make the SH(IF)T, dedicated to doing the work, and excited about manifesting your desires, book a FREE BREAKTHROUGH CALL with me and let’s get your SH(IF)T On!