It is difficult to put into words the effect Taylor’s coaching session had on me. She has a real gift of being able to hold a loving and safe container. The coaching session I had with Taylor had a tremendous impact on my life and being. I was able to let go of long-held anger, learn to communicate without violence, and heal a deep wound with my father. These patterns and traumas had been with me since the age of 8; I am 43 years old! I was able to release all of this in one session with her. Taylor is patient, loving, highly-intuitive, and so astute; she was able to pinpoint the core issues that needed to be brought to light.  I am forever grateful to her for helping me quantum leap into the best version of myself! I highly recommend Taylor if you want life-changing results that will help you align with your soul; and truly connect with the love, joy, peace, and abundance within you!

-Jessica Mariah-

I have had the pleasure of knowing Taylor for 2 years now and she is honestly one of the most beautiful, caring and generous souls you’ll find. So, when she released her new upgraded services, I was keen to be at the top of that list! The healing that I took part in was the healing/energy field work, and it was amazing. Taylor encloses you in a healing and protective white light while you go into the depths and set to work on ‘destroying’ anything that is holding you back, be that programming, beliefs, people, energy etc. I immediately felt lighter coming out of it, had the best sleep I’d had in a while (if you can do this at night so it!) and woke up to someone who I haven’t spoken to in two years coming up in my feed. Talk about blocks coming down! If you’re looking for a clean out and power up, this is what you are after!

-Jasmine S. –

This testimony has been long overdue but I’ve tried to write it over & over & just couldn’t get the proper words to say just how impactful Taylor & QIC has been. I met Taylor through nothing short of divine intervention & her sweet spirit instantly felt like an old friend. Not only did she create a safe space from miles away for me to go deep within and unearth deep seeded pain, but she was there in the days & weeks to follow to make sure I was growing through the healing in the best way possible. I didn’t realize just how much a childhood hurt was effecting my adult life & interactions. I mean EVERY INTERACTION. QIC isn’t an instant fix but I have found it to be a necessary piece of the puzzle to healing. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are even thinking that something from the past is keeping you stuck, that you contact Taylor. Your inner child & future self will thank you for it! 

-Brittney Harris-

Talk about powerful shifts, healing and transformation! Taylor’s QIC Healings session provided me with an incredible removal of blocks that had created some stubborn stagnation in my ascension and manifestation. Previous to my session with Taylor, I felt as if I was at a standstill in my life. In the previous year I had experienced a massive amount of change & growth due to a spiritual awakening but in the recent months, I have felt as if I had come up against a brick wall. The QIC healing session provided me with an opportunity to dive into some deep childhood wounding. Through Taylor’s gentle and safe guidance, I was able to uncover some deep childhood wounding which had resulted in the subconscious programs creating the blocks I had been unable to move past. Within days of my sessions, my world began to shift. The dense stagnant energy I had been experiencing, began to lift and I was immediately able to easily connect with intuition and higher self. Since the session, I have been able to dive back into my soul work, come into heart centered communication with my divine counterpart and I am currently in the process of accepting a promotion. I am deeply grateful for my experience with Taylor and the QIC healing. The tools and experience I have received from the session will continue to be a priceless asset in my soul growth and healing journey.  

-Julia Marie-

I’m so glad I listened to my intuition, moved past my hesitancy to ask for help, and got a hold of Taylor for a problem I kept encountering on my journey.  Not only was she super responsive but she cleared time out for me on a Saturday because I felt like I was going to respond to my problem reactively if I didn’t talk the issue through with someone.  She gave me really empowering advice, mostly through the form of questions and helping me through self-reflection.  The clarity I received co-working through my problem finally got me to innerstand fully what I was doing and what would be the more empowering way to approach the issue.  There are a lot of resources to chose from for spiritual help and I found her to be the real deal.  I’m very hesitant to listen to spiritual advice as a coach myself knowing there is are a lot of posers out there…but not Taylor!  She gets the collective energy and relates it well.  She also truly gets how best to embrace the power of sacred unions.  I value her service so very much.  I highly recommend working with her.

-Jessica Veilleux-

Thank you for the reading. It was right on. I’m currently feeling like I’m healing from all my past. Choosing to walk away from what is not good for me. You reassured me to go with the flow. 

The universe connected me with my twin flame so perfectly it was not coincidence. I dreamed of him years before. I’m married to what I believe is my soulmate. My twin flame rocked my world, then the self reflection started, the digging deep who I am. I found hidden strength I didn’t know I had. I wanted to be friends with him. He could not and left. So I felt hurt and abandoned. I used that to drive me deep into my prep for my bikini bodybuilding competition. I walked away winning 1st place and overall. Now that is over I’m walking through healing. I think I have past hurt from him and I was trying to figure out the whys. But I’m aware that I need to let go. Focus on myself, take it as a learning lesson. I learned to that I should not be attached to anything. To let things go. I’m currently studying to be a personal trainer and fitness coach. A new start. So you encouraged me to keep going. Everything I read in your twin flame blogs were exact. So I had to get a reading from you. You mentioned I receive messages through song. Yes I do! I first thought I was crazy. Random songs spoke to me. My twin spoke to me through them. Last contact we had, I mentioned a song and if he knew it. He said yes, that was a song he listen to when he was going through depression. Since then I avoid music with lyrics. It’s too much for me. I want to heal and let go. I no longer what him in my mind or reminders.  So thank you for your reading. It has helped me!

There’s a reason why I have been divinely guided to reach out to Taylor for a personal reading. I instantly felt connected to her via her Instagram posts, as if she were directly speaking to me. I have booked a reading in a moment when I felt completely lost and stuck, hopeless and confused on a twin flame journey. Not only her words were very personal and empowering, but they also helped me feel less stuck in my mind. I had been putting a lot of pressure on myself on how to move forward and Taylor helped me feel at ease with the idea that I don’t always need to do things on my own. It was exactly what I needed to hear and she put that so easily into words….

Thank you for everything- not only for myself but also for the community! 

Also, the content on Patreon is a guiding light, I am happy to have subscribed! 

Sending much love,

-Laura V. –