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SH(IF)T Intensive helps you to initiate your dreams into your reality & go beyond your boundaries in your life.

During the 4-Week Program, we will go beyond regular coaching modalities by adding in supplemental sessions to assist with subconscious reprogramming so you receive the BIG SHIFT you need…

About My Services

Some of the modalities I use include deep energetic reprogramming as well as quantum inner child healing to really help to clear out the root of the core wounds and templates, allowing for a next-level shift within the client’s energy field and timelines.

This work is tailor-made to help clients cultivate a more authentic and aligned reality. People that I have worked with have mentioned how I have helped them to shift out of long-standing wounds or traumas which has allowed them to really elevate their lives in a noticeable and impactful way. This work is meant for those who are truly ready to take things to a SOUL new level.

Let’s Work Together!

Are you dedicated to doing the work, but you are ready to see macro results in micro time?

So many of the beautiful people I work with are tired of the healing loops, the months of doing the work and only seeing tiny results, and feeling trapped and stagnant in their lives. Why do a ton of healing sessions when you can get in and out in less than an hour and see HUGE results??!

I am dedicated to serving my clients by helping them with huge transformation and bigger breakthroughs – in a fraction of the time, for the fraction of the cost. Healing and personal development shouldn’t take up a ton of time and thousands of dollars.


QIC Healing

2-in-1 Session

Quantum Inner Child Healing

The raving reviews speak for themselves. Quantum Inner Child Healing completely eradicates deeply-embedded core wounds or past traumas in less than an hour.

QIC is a modern-day version of soul retrieval that assists you with calling back your power and bringing back lost soul fragments that may be creating inner and outer chaos, conflict, and discord in your work, in your relationships, and throughout your life.

QIC can be used to clear old energies related to:
  • Childhood trauma and wounds
  • Ancestral patterning and programming
  • Sexual trauma (any age)
  • Death of someone close to you
  • Past-life trauma

$222 for 60-minute session

1:1 Coaching

Have you been feeling stuck around a Divine Partnership? Career? Finances? Creating a Business? Life, in general?

During a 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with me, we can work together to break through outdated programming and beliefs, stagnant energy, and what is blocking you from moving forward from a more empowered and balanced place.

The goal of our 1:1 Coaching Session is to:
  • Bring you clarity to your situation
  • Bring a sense of conscious self-awareness
  • Allow for you to create more actionable steps
  • Reveal any blind spots that have created blocks
  • Help you feel more grounded and in-control

$150 for a 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Session

2-in-1 Session

My 2-in-1 Sessions allow you to combine two services in one session. Our 90-minute session with allow us to work deeper and help you step into your power in a big way! Make quantum leaps, create big shifts, and clear out more energetic debris in one session with me.

You Choose:

1:1 Coaching + Quantum Inner Child Healing

$350 (original price of $372)

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